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Perils of Sēsē

by All Seeing Seneca

“Perils of Sēsē” is an illustrative generative-meets-hand drawn digital art series, limited to a number of unique pieces by All Seeing Seneca.

Seneca once again uses her artistic voice, stemming from a background of traditional illustration and animation, to tell a new nonlinear, abstract story about the reflection of Self.

Perils stars three new creatures and a child protagonist inspired by new lore.

The series pays homage to the aesthetics and structure of storybooks and analog animation techniques, revealing the artist’s refreshing take on the generative art scene.

Perils is made up of three chapters and each page represents a singular idiosyncratic timeline, granting the viewer the ability to collect and curate their own path in this sprawling and mystical tale.

The Perils story was conceived and painted over the first half of 2023. Each artwork is a standalone painting and has three different “blooms” of borders that are revealed only in time. The longer the collector holds the work the more it will blossom.

This is an official first invite into a whole new nonsensical “Seneca-esqe” world with the thunder-breathing creatures and a strangely familiar white dog.

Join her in the land of Perils.

All Seeing Seneca


Visual artist All Seeing Seneca is best known for her paintings and characters of “cosmic horror and candyland”.

Rolling Stone magazine stated her “creativity helped fuel a technological revolution,” lauding her contributions as lead designer of Bored Ape Yacht Club, which rocked the NFT world as soon as they launched in 2021. The ape character became the center heart of a massive cultural community.

But Seneca’s story is a continuum, beginning long before that and extending into an upwardly trending future. Once a quiet kid living in her daydreams, now under a guise of partial anonymity. Her practice landed her awards and exhibited in international galleries such as The Armory in New York, and shown most recently at her first solo auction of a series of works with Phillips auction house.

Her work emerges with muted, yet illuminating palettes and expressions of surrealism, inspired by her love for the macabre, animation, and iconography.